Experience and expertise in the Equity and Debt Capital Markets

Capital Markets

When it comes to investing and trading, no amount of theoretical knowledge can substitute for experience. Expertise is hard-won and tested daily in the swift-moving equity and debt Capital Markets. Moreover, expertise is critical – those who discover this the hard way often do so in the wake of missed opportunities that cost them dearly in both money and time. Don’t gamble with your investments or your investment transactions.

Monarch Capital Group has extensive experience and critical expertise in structuring, managing and executing even the most complex transactions in both foreign and domestic Debt and Equity Capital Markets for corporate, institutional and high-net-worth individual investors. Our services, expertise and persistence are of especially high value in situations where we are able to mitigate the impact on the share price of a company’s stock by matching compatible buyers and sellers for block transactions in low-liquidity markets.

Because Monarch Capital has an in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements, we are able to operate efficiently and compliantly in the Capital Markets for our clientele of small- and micro-cap companies. We are proficient at and extremely active in the execution of “Rule 144” transactions for restricted, unregistered or control securities. In addition, we have both the experience and the capacity to provide valuable assistance with Corporate Stock Buy Backs, Employee Stock Option Programs, and Bridge Financing transactions.