Building and preserving wealth…to meet your goals

Individual Investors

The value of wealth exceeds its mere dollar amount. Wealth can provide the freedom and power to live life on your own terms –to attain material comfort, achieve personal dreams and fulfill professional goals.

What does wealth mean to you? Is it simply financial security in uncertain times? Is it a testament to your professional achievements? Perhaps it’s the purchasing power it affords you, or the freedom of having dominion over your own life. Or, is it the ability to provide for future generations?

Regardless of how you define your wealth and the roles it plays in your life, the goals are yours, the dreams are yours, and the money is yours. And when you are a client of Monarch Capital, the commitment to planning and implementing a strategy for building and preserving the wealth you need to meet those goals and dreams is yours and ours. 

Monarch Capital offers a full range of investment products, customized professional asset-management programs and banking services for high-net-worth individuals in all phases of life and for all levels of risk tolerance. Exclusive access to our in-house independent research, propriety products and special investment opportunities provides benefits to our clients that they simply cannot get elsewhere.

Monarch Capital specializes in identifying the situations that we believe have the best return-on-investment prospects – deeply undervalued, well-managed small- and micro-cap companies with industry-leading breakout growth potential. Despite their promise, these smaller companies often escape the notice of the large investment firms and, consequently, tend to have very limited to no prior research coverage. That gives Monarch Capital – and its clients – the opportunity to invest before its growth prospects become common knowledge and the price of the company’s stock increases to reflect the expanding recognition of its potential. The size of our firm provides us with additional advantages in these situations. Monarch Capital is small enough to be nimble and respond swiftly to changing market conditions, yet large enough to take strategically meaningful investment positions in small and micro-cap companies.

At one time, nearly every company in the S&P 500 was a small emerging-growth company. We prefer the investment equation of investing on the ground-floor level in companies with the potential to one day rank in the S&P 500, rather than those that have already risen to the top.