Creative, customized Investment Banking and Corporate Finance solutions

Investment Banking & Corporate Finance

Small companies need more than innovative ideas, clever strategies and talented, dedicated management to succeed. They require capital. Without it, the growth potential of even the most promising, well-positioned companies goes unfulfilled. Capital is the fuel on which all businesses run, so understanding all of your options is critical in determining the appropriate route your company should take to secure it. Wrong turns or poor timing can result in costly mistakes and irretrievable losses.

Monarch Capital Group is a seasoned traveler on the roads of Investment Banking and Corporate Finance. If entry onto the highway of success is blocked by a need for capital for your company, Monarch Capital Group can help clear that path – so you can get back to growing your business.

Monarch Capital Group is a fully licensed Investment Bank dedicated to addressing the capital needs of its client companies with creative, customized Investment Banking and Corporate Finance solutions. Through decades of experience, we have acquired a deep understanding of the capital markets, in all their complexity. We start by assessing the needs of our corporate clients as well as the current climate of the capital markets, so we can strategically advise them how to best meet their capital needs. We also provide valuation analysis to determine how to price your deal appropriately. The goal of this is to strike that perfect balance between setting a price that accurately and transparently reflects the best prospects of the issuing company and providing investors with a highly attractive investment opportunity. Whether the deal is equity or debt, public offering or private placement, Monarch Capital has a strong network of institutional investors whose keen interest in our offerings can significantly boost the amount of support they receive and the level of success they achieve. 

Monarch Capital Group has an extensive range of Investment Banking and Corporate Finance offerings, including:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity Financing
  • PIPEs
  • Initial Public Stock Offerings (IPOs)
  • Follow-On Public Stock Offerings & Registered Directs
  • Debt Financing and Re-Capitalization