A no-nonsense approach with a high level of responsiveness to enhance your competitive edge

Institutional Investors

As an Institutional Investor, the phrases “Cut to the chase,” “Get to the point” and “Just give me the facts” probably have special meaning for you. You’ve likely said them (or at least thought them loudly) many times over the course of your professional career. Your responsibilities are weighty, your obligations numerous, and because your workday moves at the speed of the financial markets, your time is precious. So, perhaps we’ll just get to the point...

At Monarch Capital Group, our team of experienced sales and trading professionals know that institutional investors have very specific needs from their investment banking firms. The dynamic of these relationships is quite different from that with all but the largest and most sophisticated of our individual investors, and we respect that difference. Our institutional clientele includes hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, institutional money managers, registered investment advisors, corporations, private equity investors and venture capitalists. Our no-nonsense approach and high level of responsiveness with institutional clients underscores our commitment to making your job easier and your performance more competitive.

Reliable, superior execution is critical to you, so it is of primary importance to us as well. Using a network of resources that we have spent years establishing, cultivating and expanding, we are consistent in our efforts to get all of your trades – whether they are large blocks of stock or smaller strategic positions – executed quickly, efficiently and at the best price possible.

Monarch Capital is immersed in the emerging growth market, so we are able to bring our institutional clients fresh, timely micro- and small-cap investment ideas from both the public and private markets. Because we recognize that no company is an island – its prospects and performance are meaningful only relative to those of its industry and its competitors – our recommendations are based on intensive proprietary research and deep understanding of the companies we cover and the industries and markets in which they operate. The growth industries of primary interest to us are Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Defense, Alternative Energy and Technology. We regularly host corporate management teams to provide us with up-to-the-minute updates on the company they represent, and we maintain frequent contact with them to monitor their progress and re-confirm their ability to successfully execute their business plan and meet our expectations for long-term market out-performance.